When looking at Spanish learning site’s lessons at lomastv.com, I came across something about the nature of language I found interesting. It was the following statement:

The dictionary states that en bolas is itself considered vulgar by some. We don’t remember where we first came across the phrase, but for some reason it stuck with us, as colorful phrases often do. Could it be because certain speech operates on a whole other neurological plane that quite literally bridges logic and emotion?

There was then a link to a site with an interesting article you can find be scrolling down called Why We Curse: A Neuro-Psycho-Social Theory of Speech found here.


I finished the draft for my logicomix post but quoted heavily and sent an e-mail to the publisher about publishing it. I wasn’t sure exactly how to go about so we’ll see.

I just wanted to let to all whom it may concern,
I know I don’t post as often as I should but it seems like I want to do a bunch of less frequent more in-depth posts like I did with Language and it’s effects on thinking one, but that takes a lot longer. Some posts that I have drafts for are…
Synchronicity: The acuasal connecting Principle of Jung, Forgiveness, what is it and what does it mean for us?,Quantum Physics, David Bohm, and holographic universe,Evil Squirrels…Chad Orzel’s book on Quantum Physics,Antidepressants and depression…are they really what we think they are?, Logicomix an epic search for truth, and I’ve considered posting about what we’ve talking about in Ancient Philosophy for that week, about the Joseph Campbell’s books about mythology,and Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet. My interests are many from health, mythology, human nature psychology, language, philosophy, self-improvement, funny internet videos etc… so I think my posts will reflect that.

I’ve had no internet for the past two weeks at least due to a thunderstorm destroying the wi-fi device for our apartment and limited access only because of the library and friends. I can’t imagine life without the internet know for finding out things, entertainment, etc…. Well, hopefully soon. It makes me think about what we did without it now.

I already addressed this to an extent in my “About Me” section but I guess this is a good thing to have towards the beginning of the blog. Mine is talinaislearning because in all sincerity I LOVE to learn. I absorb books like food and educational materials like an addict. I have a BSEd in Spanish K-12 and am working on getting my added-on certification in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) so obviously language is big interest of mine but by far not the only one. I want to know everything and it takes a while normally to solidify any thoughts toward anything as I see myself as far as I can an “open-minded skeptic” that tries to test ideas for weakness and considering them worthy to test being “innocent until proven guilty.” I recently found a quote from C.G. Jung in a foreword to the I Ching regarding similar sentiments; ” The irrational fullness of life has taught me never to discard anything, even when it goes against all our theories (so short-lived at best) or otherwise admits of no immediate explanation. It is of course disquieting, and one is not certain whether the compass is pointing true or not; but security, certitude, and peace do not lead to discoveries.” (italics added)I enjoy learning about philosophy, religions, the sciences such as psychology and physics in particular, history,and whatnot. I might also put controversial stuff up here but I don’t know if I want people flaming each other on here. It is possible to disagree with a person’s idea but still treat the person with respect! The topics for sure I want up here are ones that are interesting, deep, mean something etc…

I try to be more the empty cup so speak when it comes knowledge so to speak since if you’re so sure you’re full and know everything how else are you going to learn anything new since you “already know everything.”  There could be something out there somebody else knows that I don’t that could totally change how I see something or everything and I try to be objective and the TRUTH is important to me but there are so many things that can affect how you see everything, factors I try to cancel out but I know is impossible to do. Truth doesn’t change no matter what your opinion is of it. A rock is still a rock if you call it a cat. I’d like to think my search for TRUTH would have lead me to the same place no matter the conditions I’d found myself in. For example, would I have come to the same conclusions about the world, philosophy, religions, people etc….. If I had grown up in India to Hindu parents?…if my whole family had been massacred in front of me?…If the only people I’d encountered of a certain religion were hateful? …if I had been born to a different socio-economic class? …if I had lived all my life in Japan to atheist parents?…if I had lived anywhere else most of my life besides the U.S.?…if I had had different parents and friends? The list could go on but I think about how those things might have changed how I see the TRUTH even the TRUTH itself doesn’t change. I feel like I want to present these ideas to people and let them think in ways they might not have before.

Anyway on the other hand don’t think I’m all cultured all the time either sometimes the brain needs a little junk food or laughs and thus all my dorky interests and crazy videos I want to post as well! Thus, the pure entertainment part with not necessarily any educational value whatsoever! This I plan to make this blog eclectic. I also make cosplay (non-slutty) and might put up tutorials for that and my drawings; I don’t know yet. Don’t put me in a box!