Hi! I’m Talina! I’m a voracious learner and reader! I am a bit eclectic in my tastes and have books and well interests in philosophy, the sciences such as quantum physics and relativity and psychology, classical literature from around the world, history, religions, relationships and love, self-improvement, and health etc…I enjoy creating costumes (non-slutty) and anime such as Magical Witch Punie-chan, Fullmetal Alchemist, Trigun, Kino’s Journeys, etc though my favorite “cartoon” series is Avatar The Last Airbender which had American creators but has heavy elements of anime style animation. I enjoy studying different languages because I can express myself in different ways, better learn about the country and travel and get the brain benefits among other benefits as well!  I also enjoy Connections by James Burke. I got my BSEd in Spanish K-12 in December of 2009 and am working on my TESOL ( Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification and live currently in the U.S.A.  I largely created this blog to have all that I found interesting, educational or fun that I encountered or learned in one place for me to have access to and if someone else can get something from it, all the better! I like to challenge myself and others(if they wish it) to be better and don’t initially tell people my religion because it might bring associations and prejudices they may not even be aware of so when they “judge” me they judge me as “Talina” first and not “Talina the _____” I am then no longer Talina but another______ or whatever it is. Anyway you might get an idea of who I am if you’ve read this far already so I’ll go ahead and tell you that I’m Roman Catholic which might not matter to some people but for others it will and of course this will have some bearing on my thoughts. My husband follows the philosophy of Ayn Rand or Objectivism which doesn’t agree with Catholicism on many things but when I think of him I think of one of the most selfless, loving, good-hearted, intelligent, child-like, and good-natured man I’ve ever known and I can’t imagine being with anybody else as well as we can both be sappy towards each other! =D We have difficulties but we love each other too much! Anyway this is more about knowledge than me but at least you have an idea more of the blogger if it so interested you.


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