March 2011

When looking at Spanish learning site’s lessons at, I came across something about the nature of language I found interesting. It was the following statement:

The dictionary states that en bolas is itself considered vulgar by some. We don’t remember where we first came across the phrase, but for some reason it stuck with us, as colorful phrases often do. Could it be because certain speech operates on a whole other neurological plane that quite literally bridges logic and emotion?

There was then a link to a site with an interesting article you can find be scrolling down called Why We Curse: A Neuro-Psycho-Social Theory of Speech found here.


Sometimes contain pearls of wisdom that stick with you and you remember more than just being told the lesson learned from it. Two stories that come to mind are the following:

“Wanting God” Zen Story which really put it in my head what can be obtained when there is a great thirst or effort for something. In a version I heard the hermit was Socrates and the “disciple” wanted to know how to obtain wisdom.

“Two Monks and a Woman” Zen Story really stuck out for me as well with it’s great “punchline.” Here the poster uses it mean attachment to ideas which I had never thought of before but is interesting nonetheless. Through my own personal lens I saw it as letting go of things such as past events that aren’t going to change and letting yourself still “carry” them. As I heard it when you hold a grudge at someones it’s like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die.